Software projects



(3D Slicer Plugin)

This module was developed to extend the capabilities of the open source medical application 3D slicer. It allows users to generate separate and unique curves into any visualisation.



(Universal Windows App - In development)


This project was developed as a standalone windows application. It adds to the limited options available on the Steam client helping you to manage your library and choose what to play next.

  • C#

  • .NET

  • WPF Application

  • Iron Web Scraper

  • Github


Disaster Data

(NASA Space Apps 2017 Hackathon)


This app was developed over an intensive 2 day Hackathon. In a team of 4 we developed a web application, utilising big data supplied by NASA, that mapped earthquakes and landslides across the globe giving the user easy access to statistics and articles with a feature to report new disasters. My primary role was developing the front end of the application along with helping clean the data sets.

  • JavaScript, NodeJS

  • HTML, CSS, Jade

  • R

  • Github


SkyGrid startup

(IoT Platform Testing)


As coursework for my IT degree myself and 3 others worked with the startup company SkyGrid. This project was to test their IoT platform before release. For this project we hacked an RC car, made a AI pole balancing simulation and developed a path finding AI simulation. These components were all controllable through the clients management system and web application.

My primary role was to develop the the web application. This involved assisting with creation of APIs for communication between components, creating manual controls and visualisations of the AI training environment, database management and security protocols.

  • Bitbucket, Git

  • Slack

  • Tornado

  • Python

  • SnapSVG, Bootstrap

  • JavaScript



  • Pymunk, Pybrain

  • Extreme Programming


Australian demographics

(Tableau Analytics Platform)


I worked with the Sydney based startup Cream Content on an analytics platform concept. This enabled them to view in depth demographic data for Sydney to more effectively target their desired audience.

  • Tableau

  • Python