About this blog

Hi there! I’m Matty.

I am currently a masters student at the UTS Animal Logic Academy. This year will involve creating a short CG film, and one or two additional real time projects later in the year with a cohort of approximately 30 people. My background is in computer science and physics, and I hope to get more skills as a technical artists throughout the year.

So, this blog is a way for me to record my developments and progress throughout the year, as well as help me retain some knowledge. If you happen to stumble across this blog and get some use out of it, then that’s awesome!

As I am currently getting full wack into Houdini, that is where my blog will start, it may change to different topics throughout the year (such as Unity3D or Unreal Engine), may vary in levels of competence, and may just end up as cat gifs depending on how I feel each week. Either way I hope someone gets something out of it. Have fun!

Matthew Burgess