Iā€™m Matt,

Currently I am working as a freelance software developer. I have spent the previous five years studying and building up a strong foundation in computer science and physics. More recently I have become more focused on the entire scope of multimedia production, specifically through creating virtual reality applications. This has applied my existing skills to new applications and developed my abilities in more creative fields.

Also I love photography!


Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Matlab, HTML, CSS
Software: Unity3D, Photoshop, Github, SteamVR


University of Sydney - Bachelor of Information Technology
2013 - 2018
Majors: Computer Science

University of Sydney - Bachelor of Science
2013 - 2018
Majors: Physics, Computational sciences

Sydney Church of England Grammar School (SHORE)
2007 - 2012
Subjects: 3 Unit Mathematics, Visual Arts, Advanced English, Physics, Modern History